Every seafood clerk has probably encountered at least one customer that openly rejected them when offered fresh fish or shellfish. Sometimes this rejection is due to budget constraints, or they simply aren’t in the mood for fish. But sometimes that particular customer just is not a seafood person. We’ve accepted this as fact – some people just don’t like seafood.

Therefore, they are not going to buy it. But what if that clerk took a moment to ask this person why they don’t like seafood? The response usually involves freshness, sustainability or health, but any response they receive can be met with a friendly, knowledgeable comment from your clerk that can work to...

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Americans dislike the idea that their food might be laden with chemicals, spliced with genetically modified material or soaked in antibiotics. As we contemplate the atrocities often committed against our food supply, it’s not hard to understand why the USDA certified organic foods have risen in popularity over the last several decades. The prestigious organic label has breached nearly every food group but remains conspicuously absent from seafood.

Sure, you may come across seafood with an organic label, but it won’t be USDA organic. This is because the United States doesn’t have any set standards for certifying organic seafood – yet. Any labels you see are likely from...

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