Fresh or Frozen

Available all year in dressed or fillet, Icy Waters Arctic Charr is processed and shipped fresh within hours of harvest.   Having a light sophisticated fresh taste, Icy Waters Ltd. Arctic Charr is great for many menu offerings due to its broad appetite appeal.


Fillets:   Available in either 6-12oz or 12-20oz sizing with pin bone in or out.  Fillets are packed in 40lb master cases containing four 10b trays.  Perfect for restaurant, wholesale or retail sales. 

Dressed:  Available as dressed, head-on and gutted in either in 1-2lb or 2-4lb size categories.  Dressed product is packed in wholesale 30lb or 50lb cases, depending on customer needs.

Special Order:  Special cuts, portioning, skinless, or individual vacuum-sealed options are available for special orders.


Opening the fillet tray or case should show product with a fresh aroma and consistently firm flesh with a bright coral colour.   Dressed product should be independently tagged, with clear eyes and moist murculent skin and a fresh aroma.

Icy Waters Fresh Arctic Charr is processed, under the watchful eye of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency in a federally approved HACCP-certified processing plant, then packaged and shipped with great care and concern so it arrives in perfect condition, just waiting for the most discerning of chef’s to create their masterpiece.

Fresh Arctic Charr Brochure:  Icy Waters Arctic Charr 

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